High School Teacher: Where Are My Students?

High School Teacher: Where Are My Students?  markrice.me

The great philosopher, and teacher Socrates believed that the pursuit of knowledge was as essential as the air we breathe. He led his students in this pursuit until the day he died. Now granted the government was not pleased with him teaching his students to be free thinkers and had him executed by administering hemlock but where would one even get hemlock today?

In Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson by Mitch Albom, a man reconnects with his former professor, Morrie, after learning the  professor is dying and he learns many life lessons as Morrie slips away. Morrie, too, was teaching right up until the end.

A former student now living in Brazil, responded to one of my previous blog posts seven years after he left my classroom.

The example of these master teachers coupled with the student’s comment on my site got me thinking. Why stop teaching my students after they leave my class room? Why teach only within my four walls? Why not be a mentor they can come to as long as I am alive? What if I could stay connected with all my students I have ever had?

I decided to launch a campaign through Facebook, and Twitter to connect with every student, past and present. Is this possible?

I have had around over 2550 students in my seventeen year career.

My current students and my past students range from ages 15-27. The latest data Facebook’s statistical demographics report shows users 34% of people 18-34 (closest stats) use Facebook. The percentage of millennials age 15-34 who use Twitter is 29%.

Using social media I should be able to reach at least 50% of all the students I have ever had. Not everyone but closer.This would make a target of 1275 students. Between Facebook, and Twitter, I am connected to only 132 students. I have a long way to go.

I am calling on all of my former and current students,  within the sound of my keyboard to contact me through Facebook, or Twitter, to friend me or message me reminding me that you are or were a student of mine. If you know a student or former student who isn’t in my friends list or followers, forward this post and tell them to get connected. Forward this post to every one you know. I can meet this goal and we can reconnect. I will be only a few keystrokes away if you need to talk or need help.

Maybe one day they will say that Mr. Rice went right on teaching and mentoring until the day he died just like Morrie, or Socrates. Just hold the hemlock please.




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